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Performance Inspired Nutrition

Performance Inspired Nutrition is on a mission to inspire a more active lifestyle through natural and trustworthy nutritional support. The brand is committed to serving the community, with a significant emphasis on charity and giving back. The founders emphasize honesty in marketing, steering clear of overhyped claims and unproven ingredients. They prioritize meaningful and efficacious formulas, ensuring that their products are not just effective, but also safe and reliable.

Founding Story and Involvement:

Mark, Tom, and other investors like Draymond Green and Marcus Luttrell have played vital roles in the establishment and growth of PI. Mark is particularly hands-on, ensuring that every aspect of the brand meets high standards. The involvement of respected individuals from various fields underscores the brand's commitment to quality and trustworthiness.

Product Quality and Standards:

Performance Inspired Nutrition sets extremely high standards for its products. This is evident from the meticulous procurement of premium raw materials and rigorous testing processes. Every ingredient is required to have a Certificate of Analysis, and the products are manufactured in world-class Good Manufacturing Practice facilities, adhering to the strictest quality and safety guidelines.

Product Philosophy and Ingredients:

The brand emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition and trust in the products one consumes. PI’s commitment is to provide high-quality supplements with natural and clean ingredients. They strictly avoid artificial flavors, sweeteners, and "juiced-up" spokespeople, focusing instead on honesty in all their marketing efforts. The brand ensures that every product contains the most effective amount of each active ingredient, aiming to exceed customer expectations in terms of value and performance.

Product Range:

While the text does not provide specific details about the individual products offered by Performance Inspired Nutrition, it is clear that the brand offers a variety of nutritional supplements and products. These products are likely to cater to the needs of both everyday individuals looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and athletes aiming for peak performance.


Performance Inspired Nutrition stands out in the crowded nutritional supplement market through its commitment to natural ingredients, honest marketing, and high manufacturing standards. The brand’s mission goes beyond selling products; it aims to inspire and support a more active and healthy lifestyle while giving back to the community. With robust formulas, stringent quality control, and a team of committed individuals behind the brand, PI offers products that customers can trust and believe in.

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